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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Website of Lulu The Collie!  Lulu and her best friend, Marina invite you in for a visit and hope you come back again soon.  There’s always something new.  

A special note from Lulu:
Hi everyone, I’m Lulu!  My daddy really is Lassie VIII and my brother is Lassie IX.  My Godfather is Bob Weatherwax who is the guy who owned and trained all the Lassie dogs you see on TV and in the movies! Yep! I’m part of the Hollywood Royal Canine performing legacy and a “ham” for the camera. It runs in the family.  There’s more about my story in my website. 

Stay tuned for the release of my new book!   If you want us to let you know when it’s out, make sure you give us your Email address. We’ll be selling it on my website here and many other places on-line. See you again soon! 

And remember to get your pet-friends micro-chipped.  It’s one of the best ways to make sure they return home! Just call a vet or shelter in your area.  Well, gotta run now. Many arrffs!  Lulu
This is me Too !  ;)

Name: Lulu

Age: ageless

Location: born in santa clarita valley, CA

Occupation: Performer, leader of the pack

favorite hero: LASSIE - my daddy! Of course!

“Mommy”: Marina anderson



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   Photo credit (top left) Alan Weissman

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